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The Challenges of Self-Publishing

12 Feb 2015, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in The Writing Life

It’s been 8 months since “Echo Still” was released for the public, and I’ve sold nearly 150 copies.  I don’t really know the numbers, but I’m guessing a traditionally published novel sells 150 copies in the first few hours the bookstores are open on the day it is released.  I’m not complaining–I’m learning a ton and having fun all along the way.  Here’s one of the things I’ve learned:  One of the challenges of self-publication is that you’ve got to be all of the following for your novel:  writer, editor, proofreader, project manager, publisher, CFO, chief marketing officer, and head of sales.  That’s a lot of different roles.  Which is cool, actually, especially if you enjoy getting outside of your comfort zone, meeting lots of people, and climbing several steep learning curves all at once.  The downside is, having to play all those other roles takes a significant chunk out of one’s writing time.

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