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Self-Publishing: Soldiering On

29 Aug 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

Ok, so I’ve  admitted I’ve got some hang-ups about self-publishing.  These hang-ups were reinforced when, while soliciting a librarian’s help in locating a difficult to find book, she asked, “Could it be a self-published book?  Because we wouldn’t have those.”  My insecurities were further reinforced when Maureen Corigan, my favorite reviewer, recently mentioned on Fresh Air how annoying it is when “well-meaning but ignorant” family members ask a writer, “Have you thought about self-publishing?”

For encouragement I look to the worlds of film and music, where “Indie” is worn as a badge of honor.  So I was emboldened last night listening to Zach Braff tell Jian Ghomeshi the story of how he made “Garden State” on a shoestring (by Hollywood standards, that is) when an angel investor offered to fund the whole project if he could do it for under $3 million.  I would have loved for Wendy Lamb at Random House to have fallen in love with Echo Still.  I would love to see the little —- symbol on the book’s spine as I spot it in Barnes and Noble in Seattle.  But then again, I would have loved for Jose Mesa to be able to get three outs in the ninth inning of Game 7 in 1997.  But that’s not something over which I can have any control.  Getting my book in front of readers is.  And so I soldier independently on.
In the spirit of getting my words out there for someone to read, here’s a song lyric I penned last summer, on Independence Day, in Yorkshire,  England.


At first the uniform made you feel taller

But as the wars grind on you can’t see the valor

Watching brothers-in-arms continue to fall where

Villagers you’re helping hide bombs in their squalor

How did it come to this?


You signed up to be a fighter for freedom

Justice is you call

You fight to defend our sweet liberty

And justice for all, and justice for all.

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