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Prepping for Self-Publishing

01 Nov 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

This is a big project. I spent years working on the novel and now that I’m ready to self-publish there’s so much that has to be done. One area that’s getting a lot of attention from my team and me is marketing (they are business students after all). Marketing my novel will involve a lot. At the beginning of the summer, my assistant Milan introduced me to the concept of a “book commercial” and I loved the idea instantly. It’s quite simple really. You’re basically making a trailer for your book, as if you’d already gotten published, distributed, made your JK Rowling money, and were relaxing in your mansion as other people went off to shoot the movie based on your material. Taking several bits and pieces of images and dialogue from Echo Still, we’re going to film a trailer that will hopefully spark great interest in my book. To do that we’ve been looking for actors to cast as several characters. What a new experience for me! At times I almost feel like a real Hollywood producer. Casting. Locations. Rehearsals. It’s all very exciting.

Another aspect of marketing a book comes from the old idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” which, as many people know, does not actually apply to books. Some people, me included and especially my prospective audience of middle readers, will instantly zero in on a cover. Is it hand drawn? Is it a fancy photograph? Is it simply a design with beautiful, well placed text? The possibilities are endless. But what will make my book cover special? That’s something I’m trying to decipher with my team from Case Western. What makes a child say, “Ooh! I wanna read that book?” We’re going to use surveys in several classrooms to try to ascertain what kinds of covers are most popular. In addition to the research I also have Milan using his college connections to try to find someone very talented who can design me a great cover. The research shows that even very good graphic designers don’t always cut it; people can tell if it was done by someone who isn’t experienced at designing book covers. So far we’ve almost exclusively found graphic designers who are interested. So what will my cover turn out to be? More on that later.



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