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Mini-Original #2: “New Kid”

18 Jun 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Short Stories

All alone in the fenced-in backyard, Rusty hurled the baseball as hard as he could into the air.  When a gust of wind caught the ball, Rusty gave chase.

Just over the fence he could see the kite the neighbor kids had been trying all morning to keep aloft.  Back home, if somebody had a kite, everybody had a kite.  And the new kid wouldn’t be left playing catch by himself for a whole week without somebody comin’ over to say “Hey.”

Suddenly, the wind slammed the kite right into a tree on along the fence.

The neighbor kid, a red head, appeared at the top of Rusty’s fence.  Rusty watched as the kid reached for the lowest hanging branch.

Rusty stepped closer.  “Why don’t you let me try?”


“Lot of trees back home.  Used to climb all the time.”

The kid shrugged.  Rusty climbed up the fence.  On the other side a bunch of kids stared up at him.

“Give me a boost,” Rusty ordered.

Pulling himself up on the lowest branch, Rusty climbed the next several branches as easily as he would a ladder, but he couldn’t quite reach the kite.

“You guys got a broom?” he shouted down.

One of the younger boys raced off.  An instant later he returned with a broom.

The moment Rusty nudged the kite free, the wind slammed it into a branch a little further out.

With his left hand he inched as far out along the branch as he could.  With his right he reached out with the broom.  The delicate material of the kite was caught in some twigs.  One false move and there would be no kite to rescue.  Using the stick end of the broom, he gently lifted the edge of the kite.  It fell free.

When Rusty got down there were high fives all around.

The red-haired kid handed him the string.  “You fly it first.”

Rusty took off running.  Behind him, climbing higher with each step, was the kite.  On all sides, panting and shouting their delight, ran Rusty’s new friends.

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