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Just Getting Back Into It

25 Oct 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story
Tim Tibbitts practices adding a captioned photo to a post.

This short post is essentially a practice run.  I’m just techno-phobic enough that all it took to get me to stop posting was to have my 20-something office assistant move on to greener pastures.  Time to grow up and figure out how to publish my own posts.  Also, I’m going to be trying to figure out how to expand and reorganize my website a bit (add a page for Novel #2, add and “Events” page, for example), so there may be some messy posts for a while.  But if I wait till I’m ready to do it perfectly before going live, it may never get done.  Happy to be back.  I look forward to engaging the conversation with readers as time goes along–feel free to comment!

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