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Dear Diary (and Anyone Else Who Cares)

28 Apr 2015, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in The Reading Life, The Writing Life

So I don’t blog much.  I’m busy with a lot of stuff.  That’s one reason.  Another reason is that I’ve turned it–in my mind–into a performance.  You know, an opportunity to impress someone.  Read my blog, think it’s awesome, buy my book, repeat.  Might be a great strategy for someone.  I think that’s a bad strategy for me.

I think a better approach for me is:  use the blog to post thoughts about what I’m reading, what I’m writing, what I’m thinking about.  If someone finds it, reads it, and thinks it’s interesting, that’d be cool.  Otherwise, it’s a good place for me to park my thoughts, to work through ideas.  As I used to much more often in my journal.  My “morning pages.”  That was never a performance.  No need for this to be.  I’m just willing to share with anyone who’s interested, that’s all.



  • Cindy Evans

    Please share more. The eccentric mind of a parent and writer who balances his personal journey – and manages to prod his cool high achieving civic minded kids along the way – is always of interest to those in your community of like minded thinkers. Or without a like mind – but of one who just likes to probe the diary of another.

    • Tim Tibbitts

      Thanks, Cindy, for your comment. Carving out time to blog can feel lonely–like shouting out at the edge of a canyon–but the idea of blogging as a way of connecting to community really appeals to me. I look forward to watching VividLiterature grow! Tim

  • Jim

    I have a friend who blogs about the 2014-2015 Cavaliers’ season (www.mycavalierattitude.com). His attitude is that he doesn’t expect he’ll have more than just a few readers, but the blog gives him an excuse to write. If a blogger looks at his/her blog as an excuse to write, then a blog can be like a diary or “morning pages” with the bonus of a few readers.

    • Tim Tibbitts

      Thanks for that insight, Jim. I like that perspective. Since you and I have both referenced “morning pages,” I suppose we should credit Julia Cameron’s amazing book, “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Guide to Creative Recovery.” That book sure helped me make the transition from fantasizing about writing to writing for real!


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