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Dear Diary, I don’t think I would have been ready for either opera or philosophy before my late forties, but–thanks in large part to the Met’s “opera in HD” broadcasts in cinemas around the world) I’ve fallen head over heels for the former, and as a result, have discovered the latter.  Paul Robinson’s study of “Opera & Ideas”  peaked my interest in Romanticism, which soon led me to want to know a bit about Hegel.  Five weeks later, I’m hooked.  I’m reading as much philosophy as I can squeeze in, I’ve discovered the amazing “Philosophy Bites” podcast, and I’m listening…

So I don’t blog much.  I’m busy with a lot of stuff.  That’s one reason.  Another reason is that I’ve turned it–in my mind–into a performance.  You know, an opportunity to impress someone.  Read my blog, think it’s awesome, buy my book, repeat.  Might be a great strategy for someone.  I think that’s a bad strategy for me. I think a better approach for me is:  use the blog to post thoughts about what I’m reading, what I’m writing, what I’m thinking about.  If someone finds it, reads it, and thinks it’s interesting, that’d be cool.  Otherwise, it’s a good…

The Joy of Self-directed Life-long Learning

17 Mar 2015, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in The Reading Life

I went to Brown University, a place not known for oppressive requirements.  At Brown, if one so chose, one could design an independent study project (ISP) or a group independent study project (GISP) for a semester or even an independent major.  Even with all this freedom, my monkey-mind still found ways to feel restricted.  After all, once you signed up for a standard course offering, there was sort of an expectation that you’d read most of the books the prof put on the syllabus–and in pretty much the order in which they appeared there. I have a very clear memory…

The Challenges of Self-Publishing

12 Feb 2015, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in The Writing Life

It’s been 8 months since “Echo Still” was released for the public, and I’ve sold nearly 150 copies.  I don’t really know the numbers, but I’m guessing a traditionally published novel sells 150 copies in the first few hours the bookstores are open on the day it is released.  I’m not complaining–I’m learning a ton and having fun all along the way.  Here’s one of the things I’ve learned:  One of the challenges of self-publication is that you’ve got to be all of the following for your novel:  writer, editor, proofreader, project manager, publisher, CFO, chief marketing officer, and head…

A New Role Model: Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

12 Nov 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Uncategorized

I’ve just discovered Miranda Beverly-Wittemore (www.MirandaBW.com), through an article she co-authored in the Nov/Dec issue of Poets and Writers. Her third novel, Bittersweet, came out in May. I haven’t read it yet. What’s got me on the MirandaBW bandwagon is her website and her honest, non-flashy, personal approach to marketing her books and herself as an author. I’m not much pleased with my author website–I need to enrich the content significantly–but it also currently feels too impersonal. I’m going to take a page out of Miranda’s book and adopt a more first person approach on the website. Thoughts?

Sharing a News Story–The Old-Fashioned Way

03 Nov 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in The Reading Life

I’ve started a new habit:  Once a week, sometime between Sunday evening and Tuesday, I walk my dog the half-mile to a friend’s house and drop at his side door the “Book Review” and “Week in Review” sections of the Sunday New York Times.  This routine started as an altruistic impulse, a lifeline thrown to hold a friend back from the cultural abyss (his otherwise perfectly lovely spouse having recently decided to switch the family from the Times to the Wall Street Journal). Lurking in the shadows of this ostensible altruism was a secret desire to assuage the guilt that…

Just Getting Back Into It

25 Oct 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

This short post is essentially a practice run.  I’m just techno-phobic enough that all it took to get me to stop posting was to have my 20-something office assistant move on to greener pastures.  Time to grow up and figure out how to publish my own posts.  Also, I’m going to be trying to figure out how to expand and reorganize my website a bit (add a page for Novel #2, add and “Events” page, for example), so there may be some messy posts for a while.  But if I wait till I’m ready to do it perfectly before going…

Harry Potter in Portuguese!

25 Oct 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Learning Portuguese

Just finished Harry Potter 1–in Portuguese!  (Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal.)  It took me almost four months.  I’ll admit that–while my Portuguese is getting better all the time–knowing the story very well helped a great deal.  It would have taken me a lot longer to hack my way through if it were an unfamiliar text. I’ve done this before with French.  I guess HP1 has become my touchstone when I’m learning a new language, a benchmark of a certain level of proficiency.  Some insights from the experience: 1.  Reading is a great way to continue to encounter new vocabulary…