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April 2014

Guest Blog Post from Artist Irwin Weinberger

21 Apr 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

Seeking True Expression In my search for a place to exhibit my artwork I came upon a quaint little gallery in a bookstore. Nice white walls with spotlights and a room to accommodate 20 to 25 paintings. “Sign me up,” I said to the manager in charge. That left six months to put together a show of my very best work, which I hadn’t yet created. I already had a few paintings in mind but really had no idea how I was going to manifest them. My plan was to paint pictures of flowers. Large, small, wild, bright, sensual. A…

Book Trailer

17 Apr 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

Yesterday I posted about working with Milan on the book trailer for Echo Still. Have you heard of this phenomenon—the book trailer? I hadn’t until Milan, who is much younger and cooler, showed me one last fall. A book trailer is basically like a movie trailer but for a book. Here’s one I like: Just After Sunset. I was completely enamored of the idea from the first I heard of it, but evidently, not everyone thinks it’s a great trend, this use of visual culture vid-bites to try to draw people to old-fashioned novel reading. According to a recent New…

Cover Artist, Book Trailer, and Voice Actors

16 Apr 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

As much as I resisted the idea of publishing my novel independently, I’m having a ton of fun preparing for the launch. Yesterday I had a phone meeting with a fantastic graphic designer re: the book’s cover. After which Milan Aviles (who is directing) and I hit on a new idea for how to handle our book trailer. And that conversation lead to using Facebook to crowdsource some voice actors for the trailer. It’s just a ton of fun. It also feels like a lot of pressure. With no publishing company’s editor telling me what to do, the buck stops…

Guest Blog Post from David Qua

09 Apr 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

I am delighted to introduce Read My Story’s first guest blogger, David Qua. David, who has taught history in a number of independent schools over the past two decades, has developed a very successful blog about teaching. I asked him to share his experiences creating this blog. Thanks DQ!   ***   I created my blog, A History Teacher’s Toolbelt, back in September 2013 with the hope that it would help me to think more deeply about pedagogy. At the time, I had made the decision to take a year off from teaching to spend time with my family, but…

Revising a Novel 101

01 Apr 2014, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

A few weeks ago I posted about how fantastic it was to have a local book club read a story collection I thought I was done with. Well, there was one drawback: after 45 minutes of madly taking notes on their discussion, I realized I had some more work to do, and I figured it made sense to strike while the iron was hot, which means that while that collection is now a little better than it was a month and a half ago, I lost a month’s worth of momentum on revision of my current novel. Alas. As of…