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November 2013

This is gonna be a short post, because I’ve still got 1600 words to add to my novel today.  But I wanted to reflect on an insight I had the other day while pounding the keyboard:  NaNoWriMo is a great apprenticeship in how to be a “real” writer.  What I mean by that is this:  When I was a “wannabe” writer, which status I held for an unfortunately long time, I spent a lot of time, energy and money doing things that made me feel like a writer:  reading books about writing, talking about writing, attending workshops about writing, dreaming…

Prepping for Self-Publishing

01 Nov 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

This is a big project. I spent years working on the novel and now that I’m ready to self-publish there’s so much that has to be done. One area that’s getting a lot of attention from my team and me is marketing (they are business students after all). Marketing my novel will involve a lot. At the beginning of the summer, my assistant Milan introduced me to the concept of a “book commercial” and I loved the idea instantly. It’s quite simple really. You’re basically making a trailer for your book, as if you’d already gotten published, distributed, made your…