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August 2013

Self-Publishing: Soldiering On

29 Aug 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

Ok, so I’ve  admitted I’ve got some hang-ups about self-publishing.  These hang-ups were reinforced when, while soliciting a librarian’s help in locating a difficult to find book, she asked, “Could it be a self-published book?  Because we wouldn’t have those.”  My insecurities were further reinforced when Maureen Corigan, my favorite reviewer, recently mentioned on Fresh Air how annoying it is when “well-meaning but ignorant” family members ask a writer, “Have you thought about self-publishing?” For encouragement I look to the worlds of film and music, where “Indie” is worn as a badge of honor.  So I was emboldened last night listening to Zach Braff tell…

“Freedom Fighter” Lyrics

29 Aug 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Short Stories

  FREEDOM FIGHTER (Independence Day, 2012)   At first the uniform made you feel taller But as the wars grind on you can’t see the valor Watching brothers-in-arms continue to fall where Villagers you’re helping hide bombs in their squalor How did it come to this?   You signed up to be a fighter for freedom Justice is you call You fight to defend our sweet liberty And justice for all, and justice for all.   When they pissed on the terrorist’s corpse you withdrew Convinced yourself there was nothing [you needed]to do If you got in the way, your…

Joshua Richmond–or Redmond–or Something

07 Aug 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Short Stories

LEXI-BELLE WAS GOING TO LOSE HER VIRGINITY by the end of the night.  Now that Gina Anderson had done it with Johnny DiMacchio’s on the Fourth of July, Lexi-Belle was the last of the sophomores to still be a virgin.  She hadn’t figured out all the pa’ticulars, but sometime between the opening kickoff and the last dying ember of the post-game bonfire, one of those big, dumb sons-a-bitches was gonna get lucky.  Of that she was sure.  Or at least she had been sure by the time she and Mary Ann—already drunk enough to be a bit unsteady in their…

Partly Cloudy With Flashes of Fiction

07 Aug 2013, Posted by Tim Tibbitts in Read My Story

Many full-time teachers who also write find summers to be their most productive time for writing.  As a father, for me summer has always been the toughest time to make time for my fiction writing.  Summer is fun, but the constant flux it presents is not nearly as beneficial for my writing as the structured routine of the school year.  (I’m not wishing away a minute of the summer—just saying…).  As the beginning of August approached, my friend and fellow writer Jim Garrett and I decided to challenge ourselves (and each other) to generate a “flash” of fiction or memoir…